Domestic Angels Franchise: Home Business 100 Members Give Other Potential Business Owners Opportunities

A step up story

14th December 2017

Founder: Samantha Acton


Samantha Acton’s Bournemouth-based cleaning service, Domestic Angels, became a Step Up this year as it grew into a franchise.


“The decision to expand came from a combination of a goal of rising to the competition and the desire to provide something to potential small business owners in the local area. It wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision, but rather the fulfilment of an ambition I’ve had for the last decade – so it’s fantastic to think that I’ve been able to achieve it.”, Samantha said.


She first envisaged the expansion back in 2005, but knew that it wasn’t the right time:


“Of course, I wanted to grow quickly, but I also wanted to get a good night’s sleep and ensure that I could maintain what’s precious to me about Domestic Angels. This year, I realised that I was in a position to do all of this.”


To help her, Samantha recruited the assistance of MBA students at Bournemouth University who provided research and recommendations into the feasibility of her small business expanding into franchises.


By the end of 2017, Domestic Angels will have established three franchises, each set up with close association to Samantha’s original business and with the support of her team’s combined business expertise.


As well as giving potential business owners the perfect opportunity to start their own small businesses under the banner of a reputable name, the Domestic Angels Franchise has allowed Samantha’s colleagues to establish their own flexible working arrangements. This is something she explains is vital to her business, which holds ethical employment at its heart.


As well as planning to establish four more franchises in 2018, Samantha will be starting a training school for her ‘Angels’. This school will help employees to develop leadership and life skills –  something she believes will add value for both her employees and her customers.


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