Drysure: Stepping Up

A step up story

Drysure founder James Robbins has decided to step up.

30th May 2017

Founder: James Robbins

Christmas was the catalyst, with high sales convincing James that the business is too big for the home. Now James is moving to an office and aiming to get settled before the busy winter months come around again.

James was clear about what he wanted and has decided that avoid communal work-spaces where you ‘hot desk’ or share desks would not be for him. However, when searching for an office, he soon realised that he would prefer to have a number of other small businesses in the building. He said:

“The hardest thing about working from home is that you are on your own a lot of the time. Having others around you is good for inspiration. At the same time, you can get used to working in complete freedom, and I felt it might be hard to move away from the habits I’ve developed over the years.”

Deciding to move has already had a profound effect for James:

“It is a clear, decisive action that proves you are here to stay as a business. And it will be nice not to give a home address. As a small business you are often pretending to be bigger or more established than you are – having an office can give customers and suppliers even greater confidence in you.”

“It is a clear, decisive action that proves you are here to stay as a business.”

An office won’t just bring space for better filing and a white board, it will also be a space just for work – and good for drawing the clear line between home and work that can sometimes be difficult. For James, whose home office was above his daughter’s bedroom, he didn’t want to wake her up by dragging his wheelie chair across the floor early in the morning. Now, he won’t feel guilty about disturbing her when speaking to clients in different time zones.

James also hopes the office space will increase efficiency. He wants to get rid of the big yellow storage and start sending products to straight to customers from the factory to increase efficiency.

In 2017 he is looking to crack the American market. This is the next big step.


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