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Home Business 100 Live: Jamie Kemp

Jamie Kemp, founder of JK Fine Chocolates and member of the Home Business 100, looks back at last month's Home Business 100 Live event and considers the power of networking.

27th October 2016

By Jamie Kemp
Founder of JK Fine Chocolates

Network, network, network! If there was one lesson I learnt at Home Business 100 Live, it was the value of connections.

There are 2.75 million home businesses in the UK – a dynamic network of inspirational entrepreneurs. The country depends on these small businesses to succeed in today’s economy: they are engines of growth and crucial to creating local jobs across the country.


There are so many different types of business that can be started and run from home, no matter how big or small they may be. Having joined a selection of these incredible home business owners at Home Business 100 Live, I have become far more aware of the home businesses around me and have begun networking more to build relationships with those in similar situations to me.

networking is the key to making home-based entrepreneurship easier and more enjoyable

While technology has certainly allowed more and more people to start their own business from home through making products and services far more accessible, networking is the key to making home-based entrepreneurship easier and more enjoyable.

Running a business from home, my work life can feel isolated at times. Meeting others at events like Home Business 100 Live is a breath of fresh air, showing to us all that there are many like-minded people out their passionate about entrepreneurship.

If I were to give one piece of advice to home business owners, or those of you who are thinking of starting up at home, it would be to stay positive and stay passionate. No one else will be as committed to the business as yourself.


Certainly, that was the one thing Penny Power, CEO of The Business Café, asked us to take away from Home Business 100 Live. Penny was incredibly engaged in my business story and has given me fantastic support to continue my passion. She has a wonderful enthusiasm for home businesses, and I am so pleased that I could share my passion for entrepreneurship with her at the event.

It is great to have people like Penny, who really want to see home businesses succeed. Each and every entrepreneur, though, can be a mentor. Go out, network, meet some like-minded entrepreneurs and they will give you the inspiration to thrive and grow your business.

Top tip:
Network, network, network!

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