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Why I chose to write a business blog

More and more businesses are beginning to realise the benefits of blogging. Adeel Mohmood provides the reasons why he decided to set up a blog for his business Aspire eCig UK.

30th June 2016

By Adeel Mohmood
Aspire eCig UK


Blogging isn’t new, however it has taken a while for some businesses to get on board and create a space for customers to obtain information that provides insight and builds trust. The industry I work in is constantly changing, not just the products themselves, but the legislation and advertising regulations too. It’s therefore important to ensure my site is updated with regular content that can be found easily when potential customers are searching online. It enables customers to understand the products I supply, along with changes in the industry that could potentially affect them.

It enables customers to understand the products I supply

Here are just some of the benefits of blogging:

Google loves fresh content.
If you’re adding relevant, important and informative content, Google will index it accordingly. The more blogs you write, the more pages you’ll have indexed, and the more search terms you’ll rank for, which in turn will drive more traffic to your website. Maintaining a blog also shows your website visitors you’re active and involved with changes in your industry, after all you have a vested interest in your business, so show it.

Fresh content gives you something to talk about.
By writing regular content you create something to share on social media – something to talk about. Rather than sharing content from other websites, or not sharing anything at all, you can share your own content, which will drive visitors to your blog and products. What’s more, it will increase the chances of people sharing your content on their personal social media channels, which will extend your reach further, exposing you to an even wider audience.

It builds trust.
Maintaining a regular blog helps to build your brand story. It provides a human, more personable element to your business, which allows your customers and prospects to get to know you. For online businesses, this is vital as it provides a connection. Your content should answer common questions your customers want to know the answers to; help them now and they’re more likely to remember you, trust you and become loyal customers that are more engaged with your brand.

A blog can help position you as a thought leader and expert in your field.

It helps convert leads.

A blog can help position you as a thought leader and expert in your field. It’s a place to inform your audience, highlight new products or services and let them know about competitions or sales. Adding a call to action within a blog post is also a great way of nurturing potential leads. By asking people to sign up to competitions and newsletters or directing them through to new or innovative products that are selected and recommended by you can significantly increase conversions on your site – it also helps you monitor your website’s performance. It encourages visitors to engage with your site and provides you with a means to maintain communication with your audience.

It’s built to last.
All the blog posts you write and have indexed in Google will continue to provide a steady stream of traffic. If your content is “evergreen” it will remain relevant and people will continue to share it and link to it, which will improve its position in the search engines. As explained on HubSpot, “In fact, about 70% of the traffic each month on this very blog comes from posts that weren’t published in the current month. They come from old posts.” Therefore, putting in the time to create regular content on your site will benefit your business potentially for years to come, increasing traffic and leads.

Adeel Mohmood, Aspire eCig UK

Top tip:
Adding a call to action within a blog post is a great way of nurturing potential leads.

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