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Introducing: The Farm Toy Store

The Farm Toy Store

30th August 2017

Founder: James Porritt

Since he was a small child, James Porritt has loved farm toys – a passion now shared by his six-year-old son.

James grew frustrated when he couldn’t easily find the farmyard toys he was looking for, and wished he was able to support smaller, independent shops rather than having to buy toys from online retail giants.

He saw a gap in the market, and decided to leave his job in pharmaceuticals to create his own business: The Farm Toy Store, a home-based e-commerce retailer that sells high-quality farm-based toys for children and collectors.

It had always been James’ dream to run his own business, but admits that it can be daunting at times – especially when you are just starting out.

He’s found that parental advice has been invaluable, and likes to remember his dad’s mantra that “those who never make mistakes never make anything”. One of the most satisfying things about running a home business for James is learning from and building on those mistakes.

One of the biggest challenges is storing the toys he sells, which range from large combine harvesters to small hay bale carriers. At the moment, they are all kept in his garage.

James always looks to be as environmentally friendly as possible, by ensuring that the majority of his packaging is reused. His neighbours are also on board, and provide him with up-cycled plastic and cardboard to make his packaging.

For Lancashire based James, he is living his childhood dream, and despite the challenges, he believes that “those who stick at running a home business will succeed.”


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