Office Pantry: Growing a business through hard work

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19th May 2017

Founder: Giles Mitchell and Charles Arnold

Office Pantry has had quite the year. Founders Charles and Giles have grown the company quickly, reeling in new clients and expanding their team. We caught up with them to reflect on their recent successes.

As Giles points out, offices are hungry places, and having to walk to the shops every time you need a snack eats up a lot of time. The pair saw a gap in the market, and decided to team up to found Office Pantry a few years ago. Already, they are supplying high profile clients.

Reflecting on what they are most proud of over the last 12 months, they are quick to quip:

“Surviving! But in all seriousness, knowing that we’ve had consistent growth for the last year, along with an ever growing team, delivering lots more healthy food to more people to make them live longer makes me go warm and fuzzy.”

For businesses starting out and attempting to emulate their success, the founders have a few words of advice and warning: “You need to work harder than you thought, and you’ll need more help than you currently think too.”

The enthusiasm Office Pantry have for their business is palpable. At the moment, they’re rolling out a brand new drinks range for offices, which includes cases of craft beer.

Continued growth remains their main challenge both in terms of expanding their team and their client base. However, it is a challenge that Office Pantry seems ready for. When asked how they plan on tackling it, the response is: “Working hard will be a big part of it. It’s not sexy, but it is the way to really build the business.”

Giles Mitchell (right in glasses) and Charles Aronold co founders of 'Office Pantry' photographed at their office in central Bristol. 18th August 2015 Pic Gareth Iwan Jones

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