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The science to award winning chocolate


13th July 2017

Founder: Chris Sibthorp & Natalie Sibthorp

Since 2013, Chris and Natalie have been using their scientific background and love for baking to create multi-award winning bespoke chocolates and patisseries.

Natalie and Chris may not have had a conventional career path to chocolate making and patisserie – Natalie has a degree in physics and astronomy, whilst Chris has one in biochemistry and a PHD in genetics and microbiology – but the pair are bringing a scientific approach to their home business.

They are the founders of Eponine, a bespoke chocolate and patisserie company that strives for perfection with everything they create.

Their business idea was sparked like any great patisserie idea – by a trip to Paris. Back home, they realised that their scientific backgrounds and love for baking would be a perfect combination for a gap in the market of bespoke chocolate and patisserie goods.

For Chris and Natalie, it is the science behind each individual chocolate that sets their business apart. Chris says:

“Baking is scientific, it’s about getting the formulas, emulsion points, temperature and balance of ingredients right.”

“Baking is scientific, it’s about getting the formulas, emulsion points, temperature and balance of ingredients right.”

Each individual chocolate has been perfectly crafted and put together – and this approach seems to be paying off, with all of the chocolates they entered in the 2016 academy chocolate awards winning an award. Their Gianduja drinking chocolate took the gold prize, making it officially the best hot chocolate in the world! This success has continued into 2017, with all 10 individual chocolates entered this year winning an award.

The husband and wife team create in the kitchen of their home using blends of multiple different chocolates to create the individual chocolates, bars, boxes of chocolates, confectionery and drinks. They also make patisserie, wedding favours and host chocolate workshops. Eponine is focussed on quality and insists on a fresh product with no added preservatives.

Having been awarded Rising Star Award for Business to Watch Out For at the 2016 Chocolate Awards, Eponine are hoping to make that step from home business to a step up.


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