How to sell your product overseas

A step up solution

2nd August 2017

For the last two years, Lavolio has been an international business. Lavinia Davolio founded the business in 2013 and soon found that they were approached by people interested in selling their confectionery around the globe from the Middle East to Europe and Asia.

Most of these people found Lavolio’s products through one of their big suppliers, like Fortnum and Mason, but a significant number discovered the business online.

Lavinia’s best tip for those looking to sell their products abroad is to ensure that they have a good website. Having a strong online presence is vital, she says, and Lavolio spends a lot of time making sure that theirs is populated with relevant content and high quality visuals.

This has helped international internet sales to more than double every year since the business began.

Lavolio has also been diligent in developing an understanding of competitors’ products in every international market entered. Lavinia emphasises that “you must do enough market research! It does take time, but it’s absolutely vital. You need to know what other products are out there and have the cultural knowledge to know how best to position your own.”

Lavinia is quick to point out that, whilst there are lots of challenges associated with selling abroad, from language barriers to packaging requirements, there are also lots of invaluable online resources available to help.

Trading internationally has built Lavolio’s brand profile substantially. Lavinia says “trading abroad raises your credibility for customers and suppliers. You need to be careful because it does require investment, but the improved revenue is more than worth it if you’re prepared to commit the time and energy needed to make it a success.”


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