A Step Up Story: Synap

A step up story

Omair and James's education app was downloaded 13,000 times in the first six hours of being online.

30th May 2017

Founder: James Gupta and Omair Vaiyani

Synap is an online education platform, founded by Omair Vaiyani and James Gupta, two medical students at Leeds University. Their background in programming led them to begin exploring creative and interesting ways to study for their exams. The pair of them learnt to code and soon produced an app allowing anyone in the world to create, practice and share multiple-choice questions.

When the app was downloaded 13,000 times in the first six hours of being online, Omair and James quickly realised they had hit gold and had the potential to create a successful business.

Since then, the business has progressed fast. Synap has crowd funded £200,000 to make their vision a reality and have since secured a contract with Oxford University Press to distribute their content via the Synap app. Five per cent of people using the app are already paying for it and there are a lot of people using it.

Synap has benefited from being supported by the Leeds University Spark programme, a service dedicated to supporting students in starting up and running a business. It is here that Synap are currently based, with an office in the building’s co-working space alongside close to 20 other student start-ups.

James said: “It’s a great environment, with a bunch of different businesses that pool talent and share resources.”

Of course, Omair and James can’t devote themselves to their business in whole yet – they have to balance work around their own study. After sitting their final year exams, they hope to move Synap to permanent offices and secure more investment to fuel growth.


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