16th June 2017

Claudi & Fin have been busy this year. Lucy has recently had a baby and they have moved into larger offices too.

Their Minis are stocked in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. New products have come from market research: they have created smaller lollies for little hands and for people of all ages who are looking for a healthy snack.

According to co-founder Lucy Woodhouse, the best decision Claudi & Fin have made lately was to hire a marketing manager.

“It’s hard to know when’s the right time to hire – it’s easy to worry that you might make the decision too early but equally you don’t want to be snowed under by work. When a business is growing quickly, it can be a little difficult to predict how or when things will pan out – when a new product will be ready to launch or whether a new contract will be formalised.”

Write down what you do every day for a week, and what you think you should be doing, and then compare the two.

Their advice to small business owners is to write down what you do every day for a week, and what you think you should be doing, and then compare the two. If they don’t align, it probably means that you are having to concentrate on things that you shouldn’t as a founder or a CEO. For example, Lucy and Meriel found that we were having to put all of their time and effort into replying to customer queries on social media and sending PR samples instead of focussing on growth and strategy.

Lucy said:

“It’s important to sit down and ask yourself what do you need to do to get where you want, and are you doing it? Meriel and I um-ed and ah-ed about hiring a new team member, but we have found someone who makes an enormous difference, brings fresh ideas and enables us to concentrate on what we need to drive the business forward.

“Knowing when to move into an office can also feel a bit daunting – suddenly, you have all of these overheads that might not bring such and obvious or immediate reward as an additional team member. For us, it was in the end an easy decision, because we can only fit so many freezers in our houses! But it’s not just the additional space that has made a big difference. Hosting meetings is much easier now, and having the whole team in the same room makes the decision making process a lot quicker.”

Claudi & Fin

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